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Your team can use Beenia in various areas of work and customize the settings for each workflow.

Use Cases

Individual productivity

Organize your work and private tasks in easily one place

Team productivity

Get more productive with your team mates.

Startup Acceleration

Accelerate your startup and collaborate with external supporters.

Growth Hacking

Prioritize growth hacks, run growth meetings and tie experiments to metrics.

Acceleration Programs

Manage and accelerate portfolio of startups in one account.

Agency Services

Work with clients and collaborate on service delivery easily.

Product Management

Manage private and public roadmaps, feedbacks and meetings.

Knowledge Management

Transform knowledge into actionable and repeatable procedures.

Joint Ventures

Collaborate across teams and companies easily.

Beenia helps teams like yours

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“We use Beenia to manage our growth hacking process. It allows us to easily tie our activities to goals”
Benjamin Hein
Founder - Mormor
“Teams in our social entrepreneurship acceleration program use Beenia to manage their projects and collaborate with mentors!”
Grace Lung
Program Manager - BeChangeMaker
“We use Beenia to organize our growth meetings, so that everyone can see which goals we are trying to achieve and how.”
Peter Kalman
CEO - Twinlogy

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“Beenia help teams in our acceleration program to build their projects faster”
Grace Lung
Program Manager
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