About Beenia

Built to help teams succeed.

We are entrepreneurs who build for entrepreneurs. The aim of Beenia is to help teams discover and execute the right things faster.

Helping teams work better.

Focus on what matters.

We create Beenia to help people to find their focus. We are helping them to focus on things that matter and to execute them faster collaborativelly.

Collaboration bridge.

The bold idea of Beenia is to serve as a collaboration bridge between teams who are either from the same company or from different companies but who are organized in different ways.

There is not the one tool.

No one tool out there fits all user types. Developers use Jira, Marketers Asana etc. Each company uses different productivity software.

Where teams come together.

Beenia brings teams together without asking them to change the way how they work today by pulling in the work data from their tools into a common easy to use multi team interface.
Who builds Beenia

Joint venture made in Europe

Beenia is the result of joint forces by Globesy and Founderscope. Globesy a slovak based software engineering company and Founderscope a german based company builder and startup acceleration provider.
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“Beenia help teams in our acceleration program to build their projects faster”
Grace Lung
Program Manager