About Beenia

Built to help teams focus on what matters.

We are entrepreneurs who build for entrepreneurs. The aim of Beenia is to help teams discover and execute the right things faster.

Helping teams work better.

Focus on what matters.

We create Beenia to help people find their focus. We help them to focus on things that matter most for their success.

Collaborate better.

Beenia is designed to help you improve collaboration not only inside of your team but also with people from outside. We call it non-user collaboration.

Achieve your goals faster.

Beenia is designed to help you track your goals, share those goals with people inside and outside of your team and to tie work to those goals. It makes you do more of what works.

Get the right work done.

Many productivity tools out there help you get more work done faster. We go beyond and help your team achieve success by getting the right work done faster.
Who builds Beenia

Joint venture made in Europe.

Beenia is the result of joint forces by Globesy and Founderscope. Globesy a slovak based software engineering company and Founderscope a german based company builder and startup acceleration provider.
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“Beenia help teams in our acceleration program to build their projects faster”
Grace Lung
Program Manager