Team Productivity & Growth Acceleration

Beenia is used by individuals, teams and companies of all sizes who wants to get more productive and achieve goals faster.

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Product Overview

Achieve your goals faster with Beenia.
Connect your daily tasks to your goals. By aligning your work with your objectives, you will make more informed decisions and experience accelerated progress towards achieving your ambitions.
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Work smarter, not harder. With Beenia, your team will be empowered to prioritize what truly matters. By streamlining processes and eliminating distractions, Beenia will enable your team to stay focused and achieve their goals efficiently.
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Transform your meetings into power-packed sessions that drive results and leave a lasting impact on every participant. Experience the difference today and make every meeting count!
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Track your work hours effortlessly with Beenia's native time tracking feature. Whether you're a freelancer, small business owner, or part of a larger team, our seamless time tracking solution allows you to monitor and manage your productivity with ease.
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Work easily with people who don't have a Beenia account. Embed boards to your website and share activities with your visitors.
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Beenia seamlessly integrates with your favorite apps, revolutionizing your workflow. Connect, collaborate, and stay productive within the tools you love. Experience seamless integration and elevate your efficiency with Beenia today.
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Use Cases

Discover ways to collaborate better with Beenia.

Startup Acceleration

Accelerate your startup and collaborate with external supporters.

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Acceleration Programs

Manage and accelerate portfolio of startups in one account.

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Agency Services

Work with clients and collaborate on service delivery easily.

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Beenia helps teams like yours

Learn from happy teams who use Beenia.

Mormor Founder
“We use Beenia to manage our growth hacking process. It allows us to easily tie our activities to goals”
Benjamin Hein
Founder - Mormor
Grace Lung
“Teams in our social entrepreneurship acceleration program use Beenia to manage their projects and collaborate with mentors!”
Grace Lung
Program Manager - BeChangeMaker
“We use Beenia to organize our growth meetings, so that everyone can see which goals we are trying to achieve and how.”
Peter Kalman
CEO - Greenlogy

Benefits you will love.

Collaborate across companies

Designed to make collaboration across teams and companies easier.

Manage meetings better

Keep track of meetings, agendas and outcomes with ease.

Achieve goals faster

Get more productive by tying team activities to measurable goals.

Enable & Disable Features

Enable and disable features on project level. Keep Beenia easy to use for everyone.

Fast task handling

Smart little ways to handle tasks faster every day you will find in no other software.

Much more to come

CRM integrations and other surprises soon to come.

Test Beenia now.

Start your free account or book a demo and let us demonstrate how Beenia can help your team.
“Beenia help teams in our acceleration program to build their projects faster”
Grace Lung
Program Manager
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