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Let us work together to help teams, startups and companies succeed through more effective collaboration.
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Partnering with Beenia

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Get access to partner interface with special offers and content which can be easily shared with your clients and network.
  • Free partner training
  • Referral codes and links
  • Special offers
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Recurring commissions
  • Access to beta features

Why to join?

Recurring revenue stream
Open up a new revenue stream through recurring commissions.
New Service Offerings
Offer services productivity and growth services around Beenia.
Partner Promotion
As our partner you get promoted to our clients for onboarding and consulting.
Easy and fair tracking
Use partner codes, referral links, lead submission form or simply tell others.
Marketing Materials
Easy ways to share valuable productivity and growth related content.
Both Sided Collaboration
We work with each partner individually to identify both sided ways to collaborate.
Most common partner types

Who is it for?

Coaches & Consultants...

who work with entrepreneurs, startups and companies to help them grow.

Bloggers & Influencers...

who share tips about growth, productivity and other business topics.

Agencies & Accelerators...

who provide support and services to Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMEs or Enterprises.

Beenia Customers...

who would like to promote Beenia to their business partners and friends.

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Benjamin Hein
CEO @Mormor
The Beenia partner program is well managed and offers easy and practical ways to promote Beenia. It is handled with the same care as the product itself. They understand the importance and value partners provide.
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