About Beenia

About Beenia

You can find all useful information about using Beenia here

About Beenia

You can find all useful information about using Beenia here

Frequently asked questions

How much does Beenia cost?

Beenia is currently in the early access stage so our users are the early adopters. If you register now, you'll become one of them and you'll get free lifetime access to all its features.

How are my data secured?

Very strictly. Security is one of our priorities. The data is always encrypted when transferred, they are secured at multiple levels, and stored and backed-up in an Amazon data center, which guarantees their security and retrievability.

Is Beenia available on mobile phones and tablets?

Yes, Beenia has fully responsive design for web browsers but for even greater comfort, we recommend downloading the app to your mobile device. It is available for both Android and iOS systems.

Do I need new hardware or to install anything to use Beenia?

No, just a regular web browser on your computer or mobile phone will do. Although, for a smoother mobile experience, we recommend downloading the app from Google Play or App store.

Do you guarantee service availability (SLA)?

Of course, we guarantee non-stop availability (24/7, 365 days a year) 99.5% of the time.

Is there a user manual for Beenia?

We are currently creating tutorials. In the meantime, we'll gladly explain the basics or discuss specific functions with you in person during a free consultation/training session. If you are interested, just let us know at [email protected].

Can I also use Beenia for private purposes?

Yes, we also allowed for the management of non-work-related tasks. With Beenia, you can create private topics and activities, which stay truly private, so neither your colleagues nor your company account administrator can see them.

Is there any limit to the number of tasks, activities, projects, or teams?

Absolutely not, we certainly won't limit you in any way.

Does Beenia use any proven methodologies of work management?

Yes, when developing Beenia we drew on famous methodologies such as Kanban or GTD (Getting Things Done).

Can I participate in the development of Beenia?

Sure, that would really make us happy. You can send us feedback directly from the app using the designated button or we can go through your suggestion on the phone or in an email conversation. We'll be delighted to incorporate interesting ideas.

How can I cancel and delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, send us your request to [email protected] and we'll take care of it. Of course, we'll be sorry to see you go and we'd appreciate if you shared with us why you're leaving. Based on your reasons, we'll be able to improve the experience for other users.

Do you have any questions?

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Discover activities, store, sort, and keep things at hand
Manage meetings simply and efficiently
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10. 2016

We've identi-
fied a problem

Our own organization
doesn't always work

10. 2016

The initial
idea of an app

We're trying different team
apps but none of them
fully meets our needs,
so we're starting...

01. 2017

First designs

We're discussing processes
and methodologies, the first
designs and a prototype
of the app
are introduced

06. 2017

The prototype
of the app

Will it work as expected?

12. 2017

Alpha version

We're starting with internal
testing of the basic features
to see what's working
and what isn't

03. 2018

Beta version

We see potential in Beenia,
so we make it available
for testing to
other companies

04. 2018

Private tasks

We are adding private
activities on the top
shared ones so that
can also be used
outside of work

04. 2018


We're launching the team
feature (team members,
team info, related
activities, and risks)

04. 2018


We're introducing a new
homepage with
a neat tile

05. 2018


You can now notify people
about every comment
in Beenia also
by email

05. 2018


You'll now find in one
place all the activities
from different teams,
which you are
responsible for

05. 2018


Take advantage of prioriti-
sation and streamline
your activity

06. 2018

Support button

We're adding a button,
which will let you easily
report an error or
send us your

06. 2018


You can use records to
put down new ideas,
important decisions,
or risks

07. 2018


We're introducing the option
to manage several companies
with a single

10. 2018

Team activities
displayed on a board

We've focused on the
visualization of workflow
and added the option
to display activities

10. 2018


Beenia keeps track of any
changes to an activity

10. 2018


We are adding a compre-
hensive feature, which will
help you conduct
effective meetings

11. 2018


You can now also send
an invitation to every
meeting to your
colleagues by email

12. 2018


A global search that
goes through the whole
app upon entering
a search term

02. 2019

Delegation of

How to keep up with all
the tasks, which are the
responsibility of
other teams?

04. 2019

and a global plus

Keep track of your tasks in
your inbox, try the
folder view and
the global plus

05. 2019

Enhanced manage-
ment of activities

This time there are
three nifty gadgets
waiting for you
in the app

05. 2019

Mobile app

Try our app, which you can
find on both Google
Play and App Store

06. 2019


Exploit the improved
tags and try the mobile app

07. 2019

Advanced filtering
and redesigned homepage

Try our refurnished homepage,
completing tasks in the to-do,
mobile notifications and
attaching images

08. 2019

Enhanced search
and copy functions

Quickly search for informa-
tion, complete a task,
or create a copy

09. 2019


Follow everything that involves
you and make the most
of an elaborate inbox

10. 2019

Private teams and

Promote more agile access,
open communication
and share information

11. 2019

Drag and drop

Manage meetings standing
on your head and enjoy
a cool homepage

02. 2020

An extended board
and new filters

Our filters found new
coats in their
Christmas stockings!

04. 2020


Since April, you can
switch Beenia to English –
the app is completely

07. 2020

Changes in activities
and new permissions

We worked on the visibility
of changes to activities
and also added
guest access

09. 2020

Improvements of
the mobile app
and a new integration

We looked at Beenia
from your point
of view

And we go on...