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5 krokov, s ktorými v pohode zvládnete prvý projekt v kanbane

5 steps to manage your first project easily using Kanban

Let's skip the lengthy introductions. Since you've clicked on this article you probably already know a thing or two about ...

Skúšate kanban? Tieto funkcie Beenie si zamilujete

Trying Kanban? You'll fall in love with these Beenia features

Poor communication, missed deadlines, forgotten tasks. If any of these sound familiar, you're not alone. Kanban attracts...

Úvod do kanbanu: získate s ním ďaleko viac ako iba nástenku

Introduction to Kanban: You get far more than just a bulletin board

Kanban is a Japanese concept of managing work and... not exactly a novelty. More than 60 years have gone by...

„Malá Beenia“ prešla veľkými zmenami. Vezmite si na cesty mobilnú appku

"Little Beenia" has undergone great changes. Take the mobile app with you wherever you go

We launched the Beenia mobile app as an open beta about a year ago. In the meantime, we've thoroughly...

Dávid proti Goliášovi: sú Beenia a Asana vyrovnaní súperi?

David against Goliath: Are Beenia and Asana in the same league?

If you already know something about team apps, then Asana probably needs no introduction. And no wonder – during...

Prvé kroky v Beenii. Kde je najlepšie začať?

First steps in Beenia. Where to start?

How to get off on the right foot with Beenia? You'll only need to get familiar with four basic features, which you can...

2 vlastnosti, 2 kontroverzné príbehy. Čo robí z manažéra lídra?

Two personal qualities, two controversial stories. What makes a manager become a good leader?

Foto Musk by Dr. Dunkan Hull; Foto Ronaldo Is every manager automatically also a leader? It may sound simple but...

6 výhod, ktoré vám prinesie kvalitný nástroj na riadenie úloh v tíme

Six benefits of a great team task management tool

Let's face it – it would be hard to find someone who, while sorting through sticky notes or looking for a lost email, hasn't thought that...

Prečo vaši ľudia kašlú na tímové appky

Why your people don't give a damn about team apps

Using apps to work more efficiently yourself is one thing. Many people trying to reduce stress or avoid wasting...

Sila agilných tímov je v uvoľnených reťaziach

The strength of agile teams lies in loose chains

Agile companies, agile teams, agile... are these just pointlessly repeated buzzwords or a truly interesting work methodology...

4 dôvody, prečo v práci ošediviete a ako s tým bojovať pomocou technológií

Four reasons why work will give you grey hair and how to fight it with technologies

Winning teams don't change. Or, there's no reason for change when everything is working as expected...

Ako naplánovať poradu, ktorá bude mať zmysel

How do you organize a meaningful meeting?

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word meeting? A meaningful encounter that moves you forward...