Author: 27. February 2021, 07:43

Trying Kanban? You'll fall in love with these Beenia features

Poor communication, missed deadlines, forgotten tasks. If any of these sound familiar, you're not alone.

Kanban attracts people for various reasons. What they have in common is their effort to streamline workflow and teamwork.

Those were also the ultimate goals that prompted us to start developing Beenia. So it is no coincidence that some of its features are built with the Kanban principles in mind.

Two main pillars of Kanban are workflow visualization and gradual process optimization. Let's take a look at specific features in Beenia that will help you with these two stages.

Workflow visualization

Workflow visualization is the alpha and omega not only in Kanban, but absolutely everywhere. Seeing the work better will also help you to understand it much better.

Beenia offers two types of visualization of activities. The first is a list view following a tree structure, which you are already familiar with from traditional computer directories. However, the darling of the crowds has always been a Kanban board.

Kanban boards

A board will be the main playground of your team, where you can follow live updates on the progress and level of completion of each task.

What's the basis? A simple board, where you can easily add and edit columns and then move your tasks between them. When you finally move them to the Done column, they will be closed automatically.

Why will you fall in love with them? If you work in a larger team or have a complex workflow, you'll certainly enjoy switching between different activity groupings.

One grouping can be organised as a typical Kanban into columns such as Plan – To-Do – Doing – Done and another one into columns by team members.

And you don't have to be afraid of chaos. Moving cards within one view doesn't change their order in the other. They’ll be assigned a flag with a different color, which will only help you to understand your board even better.

Kanban cards

The cards represent units of work, i.e. smaller tasks and activities that you can complete within a reasonable timeframe. You can move them across the columns on your team's board based on their level of completion.

What's the basis? A card stands for an activity and contains all essential information about it. In addition to the title, you can add a short description, a due date, all necessary attachments, and one or more responsible assignees.

Why will you fall in love with them? Some activities are more complex and require more careful supervision. In that case, you will appreciate the option to split them into several sub-activities. Each of them can have a different assignee, or you can delegate the whole activity to another team member.

To create a smoother workflow, you can set priorities and add tags. Another pretty neat and helpful feature is the option to pin an activity to a meeting.

We're going to talk more about meetings in the following part of this article.

Optimization and communication

Kanban is about gradual improvements. Literally. You begin with how you currently work and gradually, making small changes, move towards a better and smoother workflow.

To manage this, you need to analyse your processes and, most importantly, regularly and effectively communicate. Luckily, Beenia offers a set of features that will turn your team meetings into a breeze.


What's the basis? When you are organising a meeting, you can plan the points you want to discuss at the meeting and then invite team members through email notifications. The event will also be saved in their calendar.

Why will you fall in love with them? Beenia comes with a tool for video conferencing so you don't need to use any other platform. In a meeting, you can share a screen showing the team board, move tasks, and analyse the entire workflow.

There's also a separate screen for meetings. It displays all the points on the agenda to help you keep on track. When you come up with new tasks during the discussion, you can create them here directly and assign them to your team members. They will be pinned to their to-do list.

If you want to make sure that nothing said in the meeting gets forgotten, you will surely appreciate the meeting minutes feature. It works in real time, so when the minute-taker is putting down notes, every participant can see them right away.

You'll be able to look up these minutes in the future, so in case you cannot remember something, you'll find it right here.

To infinity and beyond

If you are just starting with Kanban, don't be afraid of changes. This methodology isn't about strict rules. On the contrary, to a large extent, you can tailor it to your needs and type of work.

And the Beenia features work on a similar principle. For starters, they will help you with Kanban, but at the same time, they are very flexible, and it's up to you how you customise them (our users have already surprised us more than once in this respect).

Be creative, improve, and make things more efficient – Beenia will be a sandbox, where the sky will be the limit to your imagination.

However, if you struggle with something, be sure to let us know. Our customer support specialists will be happy to help you.

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