Author: 13. July 2020, 07:02

"Little Beenia" has undergone great changes. Take the mobile app with you wherever you go

Our original intention was to create a mobile app as a super light version of the desktop Beenia, so you can do things like quickly browsing your to-do list or creating a new task on your way to work.

We launched the Beenia mobile app as an open beta about a year ago. In the meantime, we've thoroughly tested its features, collected feedback from our users (thank you), hunted down some bugs, and tried out multiple design/UX elements.

We've refined it and now it's time to move on. With Android it went pretty smoothly, while the iOS version took a little longer as the App Store's approval process is a bit more complicated. The good news is that Beenia is now officially approved and available for both platforms.

And what does the mobile version of Beenia have to offer?

Familiar design?

We tried several design proposals but, in the end, chose the interface which corresponded best with the desktop Beenia. Because of this, you shouldn't get lost and you'll be able to find true north immediately (as well as your activities and topics), even if you’re using the app for the first time.

The same data, (almost) the same features

The mobile version, too, allows you to browse your centralised To-Do list of tasks and manage your topics and activities, including creating new ones. You can also communicate with your team using comments and access the inbox and the full-text search.

As a bonus, mobile notifications will alert you whenever something happens.

On the other hand, the limitations and resolutions of mobile screens impose certain restrictions. Thus, to keep the app simple and easy to use, we have omitted some of the more advanced processes, such as delegation or copying activities.

Do you know you've been helping us to develop the app?

In fact, our very first idea was to create a mobile app as a lite version of the desktop Beenia to complement it, so that you could skim through your to-dos or create a new task on your way to work.

But as its popularity among the users grew, we kept receiving many suggestions on how to make it more useful especially for the people who work outside the office. And we certainly wouldn't ignore such suggestions, so we've been gradually expanding its functionalities. You can already start looking forward to the board view and meetings, for instance.

So, if you have any ideas for improvement, we’d definitely love to read them at [email protected].

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