Author: 19. June 2020, 14:10

David against Goliath: Are Beenia and Asana in the same league?

Today we've reached the point where we're asking a fundamental question: Is Beenia comparable to Asana and can it already be considered its equal rival?

If you already know something about team apps, then Asana probably needs no introduction. And no wonder – during the 12 years of its existence, Asana has built a great product with a massive user base around the world. 

We, too, like Asana and some of us used it for a bit. While there were some parts we drew on when developing Beenia, some other parts we didn't like that much. And today we've reached the point where we're asking whether Beenia is already comparable to Asana and can be considered a viable alternative.


We're not going to beat around the bush. Let's take a look at the most important points of comparison: what both apps have to offer in terms of their main functionalities.

Asana Beenia
Board view
Tree view
Breakdown of activities to subactivities
Multiple assignees to one activity x
Creating activities via email
Integrations x
Meetings x


Asana follows a traditional freemium model, so the good news is that you can try it for free.The bad news is that this mode limits you to a maximum of 15 users and only gives you access to a couple of basic features.

If you decide to upgrade and make use of its more advanced functions, in which rests its true power, you should count on around 10.99€ to 24,99€ per user monthly.

The good news about Beenia is that you can also try it for free. The bad news is... Actually, never mind, we don't have any bad news for you in this regard. You can currently use Beenia completely for freeso you won't be limited by the number of users or restricted use of features.




What we like about Asana

The benefits of Asana go hand in hand with its pricing plans, and the higher plans offer a great number of features, which streamline team collaboration on projects. One of its distinguishing features is, for example, dependency management and some people will also appreciate the wide range of available integrations.

But even when using just the basic version, you can easily notice that Asana puts a lot of emphasis on user experience , and in case of any problems, you can rely not only on its customer support but also on help from its large customer community.

And, last but not least, if you work smart, the app will award you with a flying unicorn from time to time.

And what about Asana's drawbacks?

In our opinion, the biggest strength of Asana is paradoxically also its Achilles heel. Due to the load of features, it can be rather intimidating for rookies, and the organisation of work can at times be chaotic even for veterans.

Hence, if you are serious about getting started with Asana, make sure you (and your team) have enough time to learn how to use it and accept the fact that you won't be able to assign tasks to multiple assignees.



Beenia's merits

When creating Beenia, we focused on simplicity and clarity, and our users confirm that these are their favourite properties. We 're also pleased with the fact that while Beenia is a flexible platform, which helps you with team management, it doesn't force you into anything. As a result, we also have customers who use it as a simple CRM or a ticketing tool. The sky is the limit. 

Concerning its features, one of our specialties is the option of sharing the writing of meeting minutes. Another popular feature is the option to switch dynamically from board to tree view..

What are our weaknesses?

Did it sound strange that Asana's greatest advantage is also its weakest point? Well... that's something we have in common. The other side of the coin to our effort to keep things simple is that, in Beenia, you won't find anything that could distract you unnecessarily.

As a result, we sometimes hear from our users that our product lacks a calendar, time tracking, or various integrations.



The final verdict? Asana is one of the biggest players in this market and, among the available team apps, plays the role of a comprehensive tool with many features, which can justify its price. If you believe that you can exploit its potential and are comfortable with English, you can't go wrong with it.

With Beenia, we took the opposite approach. We're a small team and we aim for functional minimalism. We take care of our app with love, and we're here for you to discuss any issues or questions that may arise.

Just try it yourself and you will see, we'll be delighted to welcome you on board.

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