Author: 3. September 2018, 11:34

Why your people don't give a damn about team apps

Using apps to work more efficiently yourself is one thing. Many people trying to reduce stress or avoid wasting time during their working day already have their to-do lists, smart calendars, or time trackers on their computers or mobile phones.

However, team apps are a bit more tricky. If there are one or two colleagues who refuse to use them, the whole effort is pointless.

If you are a pioneer planning to introduce such a tool to your team, get ready to encounter some of the common biases eventually. Here are the most frequent ones we've faced so far:

I won't be able to work how I want

Team apps don't actually change the way people work. The only thing that changes is its form. They free you from unnecessary paperwork, and you don't need to remember all details. They streamline communication and help you plan, organise, and execute your tasks.

The core of the work is still up to you, but you can focus better on it because you won’t be distracted by trifles.

It's just another useless tool

We've already got phones, emails, Word templates for meetings,... Why add another desktop icon?

In team apps, you'll find everything in one place. From creating a team, through planning tasks and meetings, to document sharing. Every last detail was developed with a clear goal in mind – to help you work faster and more efficiently.

It's a waste of money

Quality software tools are not free. Whether you consider those few Euros per month as a waste of money or an investment is entirely up to you.

But a good team app in your hands has the power to influence, for example, whether you're going to leave the office at 3 PM or 6 PM on Friday afternoon.

I don't know any team apps

This is the real reason behind most of these and many other prejudices, because using team tools still isn't very common here. Schedule a non-binding meeting with us and we'll be happy to show you Beenia and eliminate these and other biases.

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